Home office organization ideas that are chic and productive

Home office organization ideas are a top priority for anyone who works from home, whether it’s full-time or part-time. This room becomes a magnet for paper, stationery, and other clutter, and without the right organization in place, your space can quickly become a less than ideal place to work. You may not have a lot of paper files to keep track of, but it can be difficult to eliminate paper completely. This handy file organizer can hang on the wall (so it doesn’t take up desk or drawer space) and then you can fold it up and tuck it away or take it with you at the end of the day.

Set your home office organization up for success by keeping a few empty bins or containers aside for future items. Make sure there’s extra space in various storage areas like filing cabinets, drawers, and bookshelves. Desk drawers can quickly become a drop space for any and all paperwork and access supplies if you’re not careful. But home office tips if you’re still trying to sort and organize that untapped storage space, consider adding a couple of minimal drawer dividers like this Malaren set from Ikea. Don’t you feel stressed when you sit down to work only to look at a huge stack of papers that you need to go through or piles of books that need to be put back on the shelf?

Home Office Organization Tips

We know how personal and unique each job is and we love talking with our clients to make sure we understand exactly what you need. Some things need to be front and center and using a corkboard is great for that. Use cute thumbtacks to add some personality to your board and add some of your favorite pictures, quotes, and affirmations in with your work items on the board. You can use cups you’ve already got, grab some from your favorite store, or even check out thrift or antique stores for cups that match your decor and style. As a mom of six, I’ve shaped One Crazy House to offer you hacks and tools for tackling chaotic days, making life cheaper, easier, and much more enjoyable. Secure cords underneath the desk to get rid of those unsightly wires and cords on your desktop.

Put a rolling cart beside the desk to hold notebooks, planners, reference manuals, etc. Take everything that’s not directly related to your work off your desk. That includes photos, magazines, greeting cards, awards, plants, coffee mugs and souvenirs. You can still have some of these items in your office, just in a more remote place. This might be the first time you’ve actually looked at your desk in a long time. If what you’re looking at is several years’ worth of accumulated dust, you can use this opportunity to clean your desk and vacuum under it.

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This can be a major eyesore and make your home office feel cluttered and disorganized. Utilizing wall space in your home office is a great way to maximize storage and stay organized. Before you start organizing your home office, clear off your desk and shelves and remove any unnecessary items. Eliminating clutter at the outset will allow you to take inventory of the things you have in your office so you can organize them more effectively.

home office organization tips

Not only is it super sleek and stylish, but the customizable design is perfect for an ever changing workflow. Find a minimalist design, pair with a few S-hooks to hang up things like scissors, glasses, or pencil cups. The best part is that this design is completely tailored and can be adjusted to your needs. Manage multiple cords with cable sleeves, which corral numerous wires into one bundle that you attach to the underside of a desk. Or, if you’re plagued by just one or two cords, keep them in place via small peel-and-stick clips that adhere to nearly any hard surface without damaging its finish. You can also pack cords out of sight when not in use in a handsome, compact kit that can sit on your desk without distracting from your decor.

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Most people find looking out of a window distracting, slowing down their work rate. Now you can fill the drawers with all the ink and paper you need for your printing needs. When you’re finished, you can put the desk back and enjoy the extra living space. Keep short jars underneath and taller sprays and bottles up top so you can easily spritz and go.

home office organization tips

Use a caddy or a divider, like the one from Marie Kondo’s bamboo collaboration collection, to keep your documents in order. Implement the home office organizing tips into your work office space. While you may not have the ideal setup or request extra storage space, you can use what you already have to your advantage. Focus on desk accessories that work double duty, like a riser with storage, or a multicompartment organizing station. You’ll also want to tap into your interior design vibes and tailor the design to reflect your individual style by bringing in elements like photo frames or even a unique desk lamp.