Dating An Aquarius Man

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If you consider yourself somebody who ~hardly ever lies~, take a peek at your social media profiles and re-evaluate that declare. In exhibiting solely a highlight reel, aren’t you technically lying each now and again? Were you really pleased to be staying in and consuming dinner for one last weekend, or is that a fake smile beneath those filters? Most of us inform extra lies than we notice, and social media doesn’t help. Somewhere in the horoscope, I learn that a female Leo with jealousy gets a male Aquarius. A marriage between these two signs is possible if both halves of the relationship are keen to put in work.

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Most of the time, an Aquarius man is placed on a pedestal because of his husband-material quality. The traits you search in a husband are different of a boyfriend. Even if he’s not the proper boyfriend, he is capable of being the right husband.

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Otherwise, they often have a well-defined consolation system the place they welcome like-minded individuals with open arms. So, if you and your Aquarian man have many things in frequent, you will doubtless make a suitable pair. When an Aquarius man starts to fall in love with you, you’ll notice that he begins to pay extra consideration to you. He will be attentive to everything you say and excited about studying extra about you.

These indicators have so many issues in frequent that they’re simply certain to work out nicely. Symbolized by a Water Bearer — the magical healer who brings water, or life, to the land — Aquarius loves to give back. Aquarian males believe in “energy to the people,” and aspire for social change in all features of life. He hates being boxed in, making him hard to learn and, at occasions, even tougher to know.

The aquarius man: love life & persona traits explained

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A donation to a cause near his heart may even endear you to him. And hey, you can’t go mistaken with an experiential gift, like signing up for a class collectively or planning a weekend vacay. An Aquarius man’s style sense is likely to match considered one of two extremes…